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CES 2024 - Seyond

Seyond (formerly Innovusion) launch their new brand, LiDAR photobooth, and Falcon product in NIO's car.
IMG_5642 2.HEIC
IMG_5616 2.heic

1200+ Leads / 10B Impressions / 1st time featuring NIO car 

CES 2023 - Innovusion

Innovusion (now Seyond) is showcasing it's Falcon product in Faraday Future's car. Falcon is the world's first mass produced LiDAR making autonomous vehicles more accessible. 

300+ Leads / 8B Impressions / Won CES Innovation Award 

CES 2022 - Eargo

Eargo is de-stigmatizing hearing loss with its sound tunnel and hearing test pods. 

100+ Leads / 2M Impression / 10 Articles / 1st time at Show Floor 

Safeway at UC Davis "The Buzz" 2014

Piloted first Safeway club card sign up booth at UC Davis welcome back event called "The Buzz". 
Safeway Booth at UCD.jpeg
Safeway at UCD.jpeg

375 Sign Ups / 1st Safeway Booth at UC Davis Campus 

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